Frequenty Asked Questions

Is the event free?
We want the event to be as accessible as possible. So apart from the £1 entry to the 24hr event, we've just asked for a donation from anyone taking part in the extended event (suggested minimum £5). We do want to raise money though so please be generous when you can and raise some sponsorship. Donate on our GoldenGiving page (link from the home screen) or use the details on the sponsor form.

Should I try to raise some sponsorship?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Email or download a sponsor form and posters from our downloads page

How can I get involved?
Register for the 'virtual' Extended Event (now) and make a pledge on the 25th March. Or come down to St Bees and take part in the 24hr Kickstart event. (See Event Information page)

Why can't I pledge any miles before the 25th March at noon?
We just want to make sure that the miles that are completed in the KickStart event, aren't double counted. So as soon as the 24hr Kickstart event finishes we'll load the website with a single total from everyone's contributions and then open the pledging ('Your Miles') screen.

Why doesn't the 'Your Miles' button work?
You can start making pledges at noon on the 25th of March 2017, but you can donate on our Golden Giving page at any time.

My pledges and mileage aren't showing on the totals page
We review all submissions to ensure they are realistic. Once we have reviewed them, they will count towards the total.

What if I make a pledge and then decide that it's too far
Your pledges are always updateable, upwards and downwards

Is there a maximum number in a team?
No. A team can be you, your family, or a whole club if you like. Make a single pledge for you all, or add as many separate pledges as you like. But you will need to nominate a single person to create and update the pledges for you all.

Do I need to prove that I've done the miles I've claimed?
Whilst we looked at this, we couldn't find a way that this could be achieved and still keep the event accessible to everyone. So your claims have to be a matter of trust between us and you. We will however review each pledge and claim, before it gets added to the totals. So if you can't see your contribution showing there immediately, it's just us giving it a quick check.

I've collected some sponsor money. How do I pay it in?