The Longest Journey Home!

Being homeless is a situation that more and more people in the UK are faced with each year and we want to do something to help. So in 2017, we want to raise money and awareness for homelessness, in our Comic Relief event.

How? We want you to join us in recreating the longest journey home that mankind has ever made, the 250,000 mile journey home from the moon.

The idea for the event comes from the experience of St Bees Triers running club members, but viewed from a different perspective. Out on a run, you inevitably reach the point when you turn for home. You may be tired, cold, wet and hungry, but you keep going because you know that every step you take is bringing you closer to warmth, safety and security. Now, imagine then, being as tired, cold and hungry, but with no home to go to, no place to rest, nowhere to get warm and feel safe. How desperate would you feel? How could you go on?

We may ourselves never become homeless, but maybe now whenever we turn for home in the future, we’ll think again of how lucky we are.

How To Get Involved

We’ve two ways for you to take part in the Longest Journey Home, but we’re hoping that you’ll also create some of your own.

We’ve tried to make both events as accessible as possible, with free or minimal entry fees. That’s not because we don’t want your money for our good causes, we definitely do!

Donate what you can. Get sponsorship to support your pledges if at all possible. But if you can do nothing else, then please just spread some awareness of the issue of Homelessness.

All funds raised in support of the Longest Journey Home (LJH) will be split equally between Comic Relief and the homeless charity, Calderwood House in Egremont.

The LJH Event

How to take part: Register here for the event, it’s ‘free’. Then raise some sponsorship, or make a donation.

At noon on the 25th March, you’ll be able to make a pledge. A pledge to make your own specific contribution to the 250,000 mile distance.

Just tell us what you’re doing to do and how you’re going to do it (Run, walk, Swim or cycle). Then do it whenever and wherever you like. Do it on your own, as a family, as a school, or as a club. Do it with us at other events later in the year, or organise something yourselves. Make as many pledges as you like, throughout the event.

All we ask is that: you keep us updated, via this site, with your pledges and mileage; that you try to raise some sponsorship or donate money to support the LJH good causes; and that you tell as many people as possible, what you are doing and why.

But wherever you do it and whatever you do, when you reach that point when you turn for home, when you’re tired, hungry and cold, spare a thought for how lucky you truly are.

The LJH 'KickStart' Event

We’ll kick start the journey home with a 24hr family friendly Longest Journey Home event, on Comic Relief day Friday 24th March.

The event will take place at Adam’s Rec, here in St Bees and will run through the night until noon on the 25th. We’ll have a continuously manned event HQ, offering refreshments for the full 24 hrs, with both extended and family friendly routes for running, walking and cycling.

(Due to traffic congestion in the village, Family friendly cycling will be restricted to 09:00 am to 12:00 noon, on the Sat 25th March)

For cyclist who really want to put in the miles. Simply come down to St Bees to register with us and then head out on your own route. Just be sure to come back within the 24hrs and let us know how you got on.

How to take part: Raise some sponsorship, or make a donation, turn up to the HQ any time during the 24hrs and signup (£1).

When the 24hrs are up, we’ll upload the total mileage completed into our Longest Journey Home website and then hand over to our LJH extended event, where public pledging and contributions can begin.

For more information on how to take part, or other ways in which you can support us, please contact us at, at our KickStart Facebook site, or Follow us @LJH250000

You may also find some answers to your questions on our FAQ page here